Half Marathon

Half Marathon Route


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Half Marathon Route:

1) The Half Marathon will start at Ross Castle.

2) Run over the footbridge past the hydration station on to Ross Island. Ross Castle is on your right.

3) At the first Y-junction keep right and continue around the island to the T-junction with the lake on your right hand side.

4) Turn right at the T-junction and run past the copper mines.

5) Keep right at all junctions until you return to Ross Castle and the hydration station. Do not Cross the Bridge.

6) Turn left on to the Ross Road and continue until Reen Cottage (750m) where you will turn left into the Knockreer Demesne in Killarney National Park.

7) Run through the wood until you come to the hydration station near the bridge where you will turn right along the River Walk.

8) At the bridge turn left up a slight incline.

9) At the junction near Dinis Cottage turn right to face the cathedral.

10) After 30m, just after the tall laurel hedge, turn left. This will take will take you alongside the river and beside the playground.

11) Stay on this tree lined avenue (the Fossa way) all the way to the Castlerosse Hotel car park.

12) There is a sharp right turn, a sharp left turn and another sharp right within 30m as you return to the Castlerosse Hotel car park. The route through the car park takes you close to the wire of the tennis courts.

13) Run over the incline beside the hotel and follow the road to Victoria Cottage.

14) Immediately after Victoria Cottage keep left through the trees and onto Knockreer Hill.

15) At the bottom of Knockreer Hill, near the cottage turn right into the park.

16) Run through the park to the hydration station near the bridge.

17) Turn right at the bridge and follow the River Walk and the lakeshore path all the way to Ross Castle.

18) Return to the Castlerosse Hotel as previously and the finish chute is in the centre of the car park